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Welcome to Tricycle Theatre for Youth, Trike Theatre. Why the name? We focus on helping young people develop the skills and strengths they need to succeed by focusing on three types of engagement: Academy, Productions, and Outreach. Through these three types of engagements (represented organizationally by our three departments of the same names) young people and their families are able to See, Learn, and Do theatre.


Trike Theatre Services range from 85 myACE bucks for a 6-week program to 350 myACE bucks for a 6 – 12 week program. 


Camps, Classes, and Workshops provided by Trike’s Academy Department.   Any other Trike Programming offered through our Academy Department.


  • Creative Play and Storytellers Classes - These classes introduce the performing arts to ages PK - 2nd grade. Using creative play and basic narrative structure, young artists will explore character, story, setting, and plot.


  • Skills Acquisitions Classes - These classes range from Acting I to Improv, and anything in between.


  • Production Classes - These classes mirror professional rehearsals as young artists spend several weeks rehearsing and performing a play for a public audience.


Tricycle (Trike) Theatre for Youth

902 SW 2nd St. Suite, B.

Bentonville, Arkansas 72712


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