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School Supplies

Workshops will be conducted virtually or in-person, upon request. ACE student may submit a travel request form if in-person workshop is located away from local residence.


250 myACE bucks per workshop/class or 1,500 myACE bucks a month.


Life Skills Workshops:

  • Communication, Resilience, Self-Management
  • Creativity, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving
  • Cooperation, Negotiation, Decision Making
  • Diversity, Empathy, Participation


Tribal Cultural Workshops:

  • Reconnecting, Cooking, Languages
  • Traditions, Stickball, Dancing, Dancing, Pow-Wow Overview
  • Basket Weaving, Regalia, Traditional Clothing
  • Leadership, Team Building, Tribal Student Spotlight


Animation and Digital Art Classes:

  • Level One - Digital Art & the Moving Image

  • Level Two- Character Animation Fundamentals

  • Level Three- Screenwriting, Storyboarding, and Directing

  • Level Four- Hybrid Imaging and Motion Graphics

K & L Management, LLC: Tribal Cultural and Life Skills Workshops

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