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School Supplies

ACE Trailblazer Academy


Disclaimer: Service price is equivalent to a myACE buck and not an actual dollar amount. myACE bucks’ amount may vary based on number of hours that you attend the selected service.


Use the dropdowns to select your services and complete the new Service Verification Form (SVF) to confirm your order after you checkout.


myACE bucks range may vary based on the number of courses selected.


  • Fees: $1,625/year. This price includes all materials, curriculum, and fees. Additional fees may be added with additional courses or certifications. 

  • Access to courses, certifications, and tutoring classes. All courses are taken online. 

  • Students generally meet once per week throughout the school year. Fees may vary annually.

  • More information is provided in the SVF 

  • The Academy Director is also available to answer questions and provide access to additonal course, as needed. 




ACE Trailblazer Academy

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